The pulse of the Earth, the Schumann resonance and the Hartmann grid

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Schumann Resonance Chart [@schumannbot] — click to enlarge image

To see the graph of the Schumann Resonance in real time, click Here.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

Schumann Resonance Graphic [Space Observing System — Tomsk, Russia]

It is the natural pulse of Gaia, Mother Earth, responsible for the balance of the Biosphere?

Hartmann Network Representation
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Menhir French Brittany — [photo Emilio]
Scheme of the hartmann network in a mehir — Toroidal Field — Acupuncture Needles
Nikola Tesla and the real function of the Pyramids of Egypt — Read the article Here
The Monk´s House (Badajoz, Spain) — Prehistoric dolmen [photo Emilio]
The Dolmen is located in the Neutral zone between the power lines of the Hartmann network
Dolmen of Los Llanos, in Monte Areo (Gijón, Spain) — [The Megalithic Era]

Mass meditations affect the High Intensity pulse that we see in the graph in White.

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Earth’s resonance frequencies vary according to conditions, although it can be set at an average value of 7.8 Hertz.

Approximate fundamental frequency and first harmonics of the Earth’s resonance.

How is the data in this chart interpreted?

Schumann Resonance Chart LIVE— click to enlarge image

For thousands of years the heart beating of the Earth has had this frequency of pulsations and life has developed in a relative ecological balance.

We human beings are Earth that feels, thinks, loves and worships. And because we are, we have the same bioelectric nature and we are surrounded by the same Schumann resonance waves.

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